Q: Can only schools join?
A: The program is for all schools (public, private, homeschool) with students between K-12, however, individuals and colleges may sponsor a school?

Q: Can a homeschool group join?
A: Yes, if it joins under one name and participates as that name.

Q: My school wants to join but we only pay by purchase orders.
A: That is ok. As soon as we get the PO # you will be considered paid, however, please send a copy of the purchase order with two weeks.

Q: If I join under Level I and later I want to upgrade to Level II what do I do?
A: Simply pay the difference between the levels and your new benefit date will be the date of the Level II payment.

Q: What if I want to downgrade my membership Level?
A: Simply let your current Level expire then rejoin under your desired Level.

Q: Are memberships for one school year, one calendar year, or 12 months?
A: Memberships are for 12 months from when we receive your payment.

Q: Can I get an invoice for my school?
A: If the confirmation email is not sufficient, we will be happy to send a separate invoice.  Please contact us msrobotics.stem@gmail.com 

Q: My school requires additional paperwork for Accounts Payable.
A: If you need a W9 or any paperwork completed to complete the order, please email msrobotics.stem@gmail.com

Q: How can I schedule a demo?
A: Please see your Level III benefits.

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